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elitefandom's Journal

An Elite Fandom Icon Challenge
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Welcome to elitefandom!

As the username states, this is a multi-fandom elite icon challenge community. To become a member and participate in the challenges you must apply and then be judged by the mods. Both mods must say yes in order to be accepted. If you are not accepted, don't take it personally; we're not trying to bash your icons. We'll give you constructive criticism and tell you how you can approve. After you've done so feel free to apply again and stick around to vote.

// inspired by icon_crack & likely_topanic


Each week one of the mods will post a challenge and it will be your job as the members to enter your entries by the deadline. Occasionally we may have other graphic challenges but for the most part it will be icon challenges.

If you have any questions about challenges or submitting entries be sure to contact one of the mods asap.


   · All fandoms are allowed, unless stated otherwise.
   · You may submit up to two entries per challenge, unless stated otherwise.
   · Icons must not exceed LJ standards [100x100px, 40kb].
   · Post your entries as a new post to the community.
   · Registered livejournal users are the only people allowed to vote.
   · Membership by invite only. Apply here.
   · Make the subject of your application "take me out tonight" so we know you've read the rules.
   · If you are not accepted, feel free to apply again once you feel you have improved.
   · Whether you are accepted or not please friend the community for voting and new challenges.

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